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Maintaining carpet after you purchase a new home

Carpet Maintenance for New HomesOne of the most common problems of people who purchase a new home is how to maintain their furniture and home accessories clean all the time. This is hard especially for the carpet since all the dust and dirt when one moves in accumulate here. If you are one of those who are thinking of their carpets even before moving to a newly-purchased home, now is the time to carefully plan out the procedures needed in carpet maintenance since this can one hard job if not prepared for properly.

Knowing the Basics

Before, only the wealthy people could afford to use carpets in their homes before because it was believed that cleaning and maintaining a carpet is hard because it was quite expensive. When the carpet manufacturers introduced cheaper carpets and when people learned the proper carpet cleaning how tos, the carpet industry was never the same.

Selecting a carpet goes beyond mere color and design. It is not also about the brand or quantity you are going to buy. It is about suiting your needs, its quality, and its maintenance.

A carpet specialist will advise you to always check on important features like moisture barrier, a backing system that provides effective moisture barrier guards against bacterial growth and odors. Another feature to look for is the dimensional stability that minimizes growth or shrinkage of the carpet tile with changes in temperature and humidity. This feature also reduces curving, seam separation, ripples, peaks, and cupping. It also makes installation easier and less cost in floor maintenance.

Vital maintenance and cleaning tips

Basically, one of the reasons why carpets are seldom seen in most homes is that they see maintaining it a hard chore. But, it should not be if you familiarize yourself with the proper carpet cleaning how tos.

1. Carpet care through vacuuming.

Cleaning the carpet using a vacuum cleaner is the best way to ensure that it is cleared thoroughly. When cleaning carpet through vacuuming, the two most important aspects involved should be frequency and good equipment. Thorough and frequent vacuuming at least three times a week prevents dry soils from accumulating below the surface of the carpet where they are far more difficult to clean. A vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush can make the carpet pile loosen dry soil such as feet marks, dirt, dust, and spills.

2. Carpet cleaning by removing spills and dirt.

Carpet Cleaning TipsAside from vacuuming, it is a must to clean your carpets on a regularly after your purchase a new home. Carpets should be free from food and beverages stains all the time. You may seek for the services of professional carpet cleaners or you can find remedy for them through using the proper cleaning agents for stain removal like detergent, ammonia, and vinegar solution as well as solvents, rust removers, and absorbent cleaners. The common types of treatment needed for each type of stain include cold water for coffee, alcohol beverages, bleach, blood, tea, urine, ink, or fruit juice; detergent solution or carpet shampoo solution for creams, mustards, latex paints, chocolates, eggs, salad dressing, or vomit; xolvent for cooking oils, butter, floor wax, lipstick, rust, soot, and tar; chilled aerosol for candle wax and chewing gums; warm water for softdrinks, milk, gravy, sauces, or ketchup; clear nail polish remover for nail polish stains; alcohol, methylated spirits, or mineral turpentines for oil paints; and absorbent powder such as salt and talc for wines.